The ALQ-99, Nearly Finished in Production, Will Receive O&M Funding for Years to Come

by C. Zachary Hofer, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

The AN/ALQ-99 system on EA-6B Prowler Aircraft. EA-6B in foreground carries 3 under-wing jamming pods for transmitting and a single fixed pod on its tail for receiving.

Production of the airborne tactical jammer is expected to end in 2018, with a final 34 units produced from 2017 through 2018.  The ALQ-99 will be superseded by the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ), will start to enter service with the U.S. military in 2020.

However, even with production ending, as long as the ALQ-99 remains in use, it will receive O&M support. Those nations that operate the ALQ-99 consider it a valuable EW tool, and will provide enough funding to keep the extant systems relevant and fully functional.  This will result in sustained funding through the system’s remaining service life.

O&M funding from U.S. and Australian armed forces is expected to last at least through the mid- to late 2020s, and to total nearly $558 million for the period from 2017 through 2026.

Forecast International’s Electronic Systems Market Intelligence Services provides full reports on the ALQ-99 and the NGJ.  The Platinum Forecast System adds deeper, hourly-updated access to funding and production forecasts, as well as the system level reports.  An updated report on the ALQ-99 program was released in the March Airborne Electronics Forecast supplement.

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