Denel Taps New Markets, Seeks New Partners at Home and Abroad

by Richard Pettibone, Aerospace & Defense Companies Analyst, Forecast International.

Denel’s Rooivalk Attack Helicopter. Source: Denel

Despite some recent management troubles, Denel remains stable.  The company plays a key role in the self-sufficiency of South Africa’s defense industry, and the government will continue to support the firm with work. That said, government work has been declining of late due to tight budgets, forcing Denel to adapt. Continue reading

South African Air Force Still in Dire Need of Maritime Patrol/Medium Transport Aircraft

by Nicole Auger, International Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International.


South African C-47TP

South African C-47TP

The South African Air Force’s 35 Squadron, based at Air Force Base Ysterplaat in Cape Town, flies some of the oldest Douglas C-47TP Dakotas in the world.

The SAAF provides no official figures on the size of its C-47TP fleet, but Forecast International’s inventory shows that there are currently eight or nine operational C-47s.  However, having entered service in 1943, the aircraft were only expected to remain in service until 2015 at the latest.  Furthermore, at least one and possibly two aircraft are permanently assigned to anti-piracy operations in the Mozambique Channel.  Approximately five C-47s are available to the SAAF at any given time.
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