Accelerating the SmallSat Propulsion Market: Interview with Accion Systems CEO Natalya Bailey

by Bill Ostrove, Space Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

The ion Electrospray Propulsion System (iEPS) for CubeSats is shown here next to a US quarter for scale

Accion Systems is developing an electric propulsion system for small satellites. As the number of small satellites built and launched increases each year, Accion sees a growing opportunity for propulsion systems to guide those spacecraft once they reach orbit around Earth.

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Mars Exploration Programs Hit Major Milestones

by Bill Ostrove, Forecast International.

Curiosity rover

Curiosity rover (Source: NASA)

Human efforts to explore the Red Planet scored several major achievements last month – nitrogen was detected, a rover surpassed the marathon mark in distance traveled and a spacecraft topped six months in orbit. The accomplishments cover three missions, two from the U.S. and one from India.

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