Airbus, Boeing – November a Weak Month in Orders Race

by J. Kasper Oestergaard, European Correspondent.


Airbus needs to deliver 16 A350-900 jets in December to reach the 2016 target of 50 jets – an impossible feat unless the company has a long line of almost-finished jets stacked up at the final assembly line. Photo Courtesy Airbus SAS

Boeing and Airbus delivered 64 and 61 commercial jets in November 2016, respectively, compared to 71 and 61 during the same month last year. As of November 30, 2016, Boeing is trailing last year’s delivery figures with 681 commercial jets delivered (709 in 2015), which is in line with company expectations. Airbus has delivered 577 jets to date and is 21 deliveries ahead of November of last year.

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