LEAP Ready to Jump Ahead of CFM56

by Carter Palmer, Power Systems Specialist, Forecast International.

LEAP-1B Engine. Source: CFM International

The completion of the biennial Paris Air Show marks a time when orders are tallied and success is measured. The battle for orders between Airbus and Boeing is not new; however, with each airframe sold, suppliers also reap the rewards, particularly engine manufacturers. Continue reading

The World Aviation Gas Turbine Market 2016 – 2030

by Edward Nebinger, Forecast International.

Platinum Forecast System TM logo rgbWe are pleased to present a brief summary of the latest forecast information on the world’s aviation gas turbines.  This information has been derived directly from the Aviation Gas Turbine module of Forecast International’s revolutionary Platinum Forecast System® 2.0, the only one of its type worldwide. Continue reading