Thales Gains Back Market Share with New Radio Contract

by Greg Giaquinto, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

Thales AN/PRC-14 8 C
IMBITR radio. Source: Thales

Thales has been awarded a $37 million contract from the U.S. Army to equip the new rapidly deployable security force assistance brigades (SFABs) with the PRC-148C Improved Multiband Inter-Intra Team Radio (IMBITR), establishing it as the first dual-channel, certified networking radio to enhance communications at the tactical edge, providing interoperability for joint and coalition forces. Continue reading

Joint Tactical Networking Center: Making Software Radios Interoperable, Secure, and Affordable

by Greg Giaquinto, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

The Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) was created following the cancellation of the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) program.  The U.S. Department of Defense needed an entity to store the software communications waveforms developed under the JTRS program, and consequently established the JTNC. Continue reading

Defense Secretary Carter Previews FY17 Budget

by Shaun McDougall, Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International.

The A-10 gets a new lease on life.  Source: U.S. Air Force

The A-10 gets a new lease on life.  Source: U.S. Air Force

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter offered a preview of the Pentagon’s FY17 budget request on February 2, but offered relatively few concrete details. The request will total $582.7 billion, which includes the base budget and funding for Overseas Contingency Operations. The only individual appropriation title that was mentioned was Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, which will receive $71.4 billion, up from $69.8 billion in FY16. Continue reading

Cyberspace Test Technology: $127 Million Project Keeps Cyberspace Warfighter Systems Current

By Greg Giaquinto, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

CyberForecast International projects that the U.S. Department of Defense will spend approximately $127 million on its Cyberspace Test Technology (CTT) project over the next 10 years. This project develops advanced technologies and methodologies for the testing and evaluation of DoD capabilities and information networks in order to conduct and defend full-spectrum military operations across cyberspace. Continue reading

What’s In a Name? U.S. Department of Defense AN Nomenclature Made Easy

By Richard Sterk, Electronic Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

AN/PRC-112 Identification Plate.

AN/PRC-112 Identification Plate. (Source:

The U.S. Department of Defense’s official nomenclature equipment identification system is formally known as the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS), although it is more commonly called the “AN” designation system, referring to the days when AN stood for “Army/Navy.”

The first three letters following the “AN/” usually indicate:

  1.  The platform on which the equipment is installed.
  2.  What type of equipment it is.
  3.  The function, purpose, or application of the equipment.

Continue reading