SpaceX Files to Build Massive Satellite Network

by Bill Ostrove, Space Systems Analyst, Forecast International.

Falcon 9 Launch

Falcon 9 Launch

SpaceX has officially filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to build and operate a massive network of low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. According to documents submitted to the FCC, the satellite constellation will consist of 4,425 operational satellites along with in-orbit spares. The satellites will operate in 83 orbital planes, at altitudes ranging from 1,110 to 1,325 kilometers. They will operate in Ku- and Ka-bands. Continue reading

Cash-Strapped Serbia Eyes Russian Military Hardware – But Its Future Lies Westward

by Dan Darling, International Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International.

Flag of Serbia

Flag of Serbia

The much-neglected Serbian armed forces are in need of an equipment overhaul, and the government is betting on Russia to be its provider. The two countries have a centuries-old friendship rooted in ethnic, religious, and political ties. More importantly, Russia has stood in Serbia’s corner over such issues as the 1999 Kosovo War between the Serbia-led Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and NATO and the postwar declaration of independence by the Kosovar Albanian government in February 2008. Continue reading

Airbus, Boeing Report October 2016 Commercial Aircraft Orders and Deliveries

by J. Kasper Oestergaard, European Correspondent.

On October 27, 2016, Boeing landed an order for 14 747-8 Freighters for UPS. Photo: The Boeing Company

On October 27, 2016, Boeing landed an order for 14 747-8 Freighters for UPS.
Photo: The Boeing Company

Boeing and Airbus each delivered 54 commercial jets in October 2016, compared to 58 and 49 during the same month last year, respectively. As of October 31, 2016, Boeing had delivered 617 commercial jets, trailing 2015’s comparable figure of 638 but in line with company expectations. Airbus, on the other hand, had delivered 516 jets, 21 deliveries ahead of last year. Continue reading

MiG Engine Buy Exemplifies Bulgaria’s Cognitive Dissonance Vis-a-Vis Moscow

by Dan Darling, International Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International.

Bulgarian MiG-29s are slated for phase out.

Bulgarian MiG-29.

In an effort to resuscitate its dilapidated and obsolete fleet of MiG-29 Fulcrum combat aircraft, the Bulgarian Defense Ministry has reached out to an unnamed Russian company (likely RSK MiG) for the acquisition of up to 10 repaired fighter engines. Continue reading

QTA Receives STC for PW304 Engine Inlet Upgrade Program

by Matthew Beres, Airborne Retrofit & Modernization Analyst, Forecast International.

PW300 Engine Source: Pratt & Whitney Canada

PW300 Engine
Source: Pratt & Whitney Canada

Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) recently received STC approval for its third PW305 carbon-graphite engine inlet upgrade program. The carbon-graphite inlet mitigates aluminum inner barrel inlet corrosion and acoustic screen degradation through replacement with the new carbon-graphite barrel. The lighter weight alternative looks identical to the original aluminum barrel. Continue reading

ILS Plans to Revitalize Proton Sales

by Bill Ostrove, Space Systems Analyst, Forecast International.


Proton with ExoMars TGO

After dominating the commercial launch market for years – along with the Ariane 5 – the Proton is seeing a loss in appeal to commercial operators, along with a decline in sales. As a result, ILS has reduced staff and expenses to support only two to three launches per year, rather than its typical seven or eight. Continue reading

Incoming Trump Administration Will Consider Its Options on Iran Deal

 by Derek Bisaccio, Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International.


Outgoing President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump in the Oval Office on November 10, 2016.

On November 8, the United States went to the polls to elect a successor to President Barack Obama, whose second term ends in January. Voters delivered a victory to businessman Donald Trump, who was able to secure victories in a sufficient number of crucial swing states to achieve the 270 electoral votes needed to win. Continue reading

The Effect of 2016’s Presidential Election on Worldwide Aerospace and Defense Markets Part 2/2

By Matthew Beres, Forecast International.


Welcome to the Forecast Roundtable Podcast. Forecast Roundtable brings together expert analysts, industry professionals, and government officials to discuss the latest issues in the aerospace and defense markets. Produced at the Forecast International headquarters, Forecast Roundtable offers unique and in depth insight and discussion on any range of topics from geopolitics to aerospace and defense markets. Topic suggestions are welcome.

This episode features Ray Jawarowski, Senior Aerospace Analyst, Dan Darling, Europe and Asia, Australia & Pacific Rim Analyst, Bill Ostrove, South America & Space Systems analyst, Derek Bisaccio, Middle East and Eurasia analyst, and Matthew Beres, Airborne Retrofit and Modernization analyst. Continue reading

APUs Don’t Compete with the Big Boys, but They’re Important Nonetheless

by Carter Palmer, Power Systems Specialist, Forecast International.

Pratt & Whitey Canada's APS3200 APU

Pratt & Whitey Canada’s APS3200 APU

Turbines come in all shapes and sizes, but the unsung heroes of modern aviation are the turbines that start the turbines, the auxiliary power units, or APUs. These small, robust, and comparatively small powerplants provide essential power to both military and civil aircraft. Despite the fairly wide range of applications of APUs, the market is occupied by surprisingly few players. The forecast for these powerplants is rather steady. Unless there is a minor setback in the next 15 years, production should average about 3,000 units per year. Continue reading

With the U.S. Election in the Rear View, Is It Time to Worry in Eastern Europe?

by Dan Darling, International Military Markets Analyst, Forecast International.

US Flag

The U.S. election has been decided and, contrary to the overwhelming predictions by the establishment media and pollsters, Republican candidate Donald Trump will be the country’s next president.

The question for America’s European partners now becomes, what will happen to their relationship with the U.S. under a Trump administration?  Continue reading